Short run compact disc duplications 10-1000.
Black text and graphics on silver disc or RGB colour on white or matt silver disc.
High quality digital artwork printing service.
Various packaging options include heavy gauge polycarbonate wallet and slimline album case.

Simply send us your master audio on CD, DAT, minidisc or even tape!

Alternatively we can accept a CD-Rom with AIFF, WAV or MP3 files. Include a 300dpi JPEG for your disc art as
a square preferably, but please don't put a hole in the middle! Also, please zap any guide circles.

You can, if you prefer, include a handwritten sketch and let us sort the disc art, but please nominate any favourite fonts or font styles. If we are printing your inlays and tray liners, please include your files as, preferably 300 dpi JPEG format, but you could also send these as Corel Draw ver.9, PSD, EPS or PDF.

Please remember to allow a 2-3 mm bleed around all pages and don't put any critical text too near the cutting line! If your project is not time sensitive, you can send us your artwork in kit form, ie) photos to scan or as JPEGS,
text as Word files or RTF (preferred) and a sketch showing how you want it setting out.

If you don't have access to a computer and the text is supplied as hand writing, then we would make a small charge for typing it out, typed copy is classed as hand writing, we really do need the computer files.

Shortly after receiving your files and cheque and making sure everything opens up and runs satisfactorily you will receive your order, cellophane wrapped if required, produced with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Please telephone 07977 363015 for details and prices