Audio cassette duplication from 10-1000+.
We wind our own stock using high quality Ferroplus tape loaded into high quality shells for long life, reliability and
audio stability.
High quality digital artwork printing service.
Printed labels.
Choice of clear round shouldered case with or without retaining lugs, "clear 2 on end" double case, or multi
tape presentation case.

Simply send us your master audio on CD, .aiff or 16 bit 44.1 .wav files using and please send the two sides, if different, as one .wav; marking the file 'A' or 'B' to:

Your project might be under 50 minutes in total, in which case we can run the whole job on one side, repeated on side 2. Obviously this might not be possible, in which case please remember to advise the side 2 break point, if we are printing your labels and inlays, we could sort this for you unless you have a definite preference.

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Please telephone 07977 363015 for details and prices